Johnson City, TN

By appointment only. 

    Professional Longarm Machine Quilting

    Pam Sprinkle is the owner of Quilted Blessings and has been longarm machine quilting since 2004.  She uses an A-1 Elite longarm quilting machine, which has been computerized with an Intelliquilter.  This enables her to quilt overall designs quickly and accurately according to your needs.  Being computerized gives access to a seemingly endless number of designs which can be sized specifically for your quilts.  Custom quilting is partially done with the computer, but certain things still have to be done by hand, like stitch-in-the-ditch and background fillers.

    Waiting List: Please plan in advance if you want a quilt quilted.  Quilts are quilted in the order that they are received or put on the waiting list.  In order to get on the waiting list, please request that your name be added, along with the approximate size of the quilt you want quilted and if it will be an overall design or custom quilting job.  There is a $25 non-refundable deposit required for new customers, in order to be placed on the waiting list. 

    Custom quilting is done on a limited basis, therefore the waiting list for custom quilting is longer.  If  your quilt has not been received two weeks before the anticipated quilting date, you will get an e-mail to remind you.  If the quilt has still not been received within a few weeks, your name will be moved down the list, and possibly removed.

     Waiting List is currently 2 months

    (4 months for custom)


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